2018/19 Season

  • Pitztal Europa Cup-48th and 47th

  • Pitztal Junior Europa Cup- 5th

  • Cervinia World Cup-76th and 48th (very first World cup)

  • Panorama NorAm-22nd and 17th

  • Craigleith NorAm-12th and 15th

  • Mont Orignal-12th and 10th

  • 2019 Canada Games Red Deer- Silver

  • Big White NorAm Finals- Bronze

  • Reiteralm Junior worlds-33rd (broken wrist and just got over concussion)

2017/18 Season

  • Big White NorAm-25th and 17th

  • Craigleith NorAm-18th and 11th

  • Sunday River NorAm-7th and 26th

  • Mount Orignal NorAm- 19th and 15th

  • Big White Senior Nationals/NorAm-15th Junior Nationals- 11th

  • Copper NorAm- 8th and 5th

  • Cooper USA Nationals/NorAm-18th

  • New Zealand Junior Worlds- 33rd

2016/17 Season

  • Big White FIS-8th and 11th

  • Tremblant NorAm-7th and 18th

  • Craigleith NorAm-25th and 29th

  • Qualified for Junior World Championships Czech Republic-40th

  • Tremblant Senior Nationals/NorAm-18th Junior Nationals-5th


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